PreSaga: 08/21/21 Progress Report

Bug Testing & Improvements

  • We’re homing in on an oracle and L2 solution that will meet our needs regarding safety, quality, and benefits for our users.
  • We’ve rebranded PreSaga’s UI to match Unity Network’s color palette.
  • PreSaga is being made responsive so that its UI scales across all major formats and devices for maximum adoption.
  • PreSaga’s preexisting Market Maker contract is being further adapted and refined to meet our needs. We’re creating our own contract and testing this.
  • We’ve fixed a host of minor issues regarding items like button functionality, user-facing messaging, streamlined Metamask compatibility, UI functionality, price displays, etc., and continue to do so as they come up.
  • We’re making sure we have the most secure hosting environment possible to keep your funds safe.


A Roadmap to the Future



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