Welcome to Unity Network

A new team, a new project, and a spectacular new adventure in a growing ecosystem of community-governed dApps.

You’ve probably noticed that things have been quiet in the house of Meridian for the past few months. There’s a reason for that. But don’t worry — it’s a good one. The team that founded and built Meridian Network has been busy turning over their project to a new and capable team, which has rebranded, staffed, funded, and finally, renamed the project.

We are proud to announce that Meridian Network is now Unity Network.

The Path to Unity

You’ve trusted Meridian Network with something precious — your invested funds. And so it’s natural to have questions about big organizational changes. Let’s dive into why this handover was necessary and what it means for you, our valued community of users and investors.

Startups are hard. Crypto startups are, in their own ways, even harder. They require a huge investment of time, energy, and talent to succeed. And sometimes, life just gets in the way.

When Meridian’s founders started Meridian Network, they envisioned a self-sufficient ecosystem of DAO-governed dApps that would eventually require very little hands-on guidance from themselves as the community took over. They took leaves of absence from their jobs, assuming they could get Meridian running self-sufficiently by the time they had to return to their normal lives.

Things didn’t work out that way. The Meridian team ran into roadblocks that, while not insurmountable, took up more time than they could afford. Funds began to dwindle more quickly than expected. With less funding available for salaries, some team members worked limited hours or left altogether. Delay piled on delay, and communication with the community slowed.

With their day jobs and normal lives pressing, the founders decided it would be best to hand the project over to a new team to continue the good work they had started. This new team decided to rebrand the project as Unity Network in dedication to the project’s central aspect: excellence in community governance.

The Bottom Line: Meridian Network has been handed over to a new team and rebranded as Unity Network.

What’s New: Website, Documentation, and Token Swap

To facilitate the transition from Meridian Network to Unity Network, the team has built a new, rebranded website, created a new whitepaper, and constructed a new roadmap.

Most importantly for users to know, however, is that Unity Network runs on a new ERC-20 utility token called UNT.

This token swap serves a dual purpose; it rebrands the token and has enabled the new team to raise the circulating supply to 12 million tokens. This amount covers the 10,950,000 original LOCK tokens, which will be swapped at a 1:1 basis, and provides additional funding for the project via the remaining amount.

LOCK holders must swap their LOCK tokens for UNT tokens to participate in Unity Network’s community governance and use its dApps — UNT is the new LOCK. You can do this by visiting our Swap Portal and following the given instructions.

The Bottom Line: To participate in Unity Network’s governance and dApps as you did with Meridian Network, please head over to Unity Network’s Swap Portal to swap your LOCK tokens for UNT.

Welcome the New Team of Unity Network

Meridian’s founders sought out individuals with the skills, time, and passion to not only inherit Meridian Network, but to transform it for the better. To this end, a new and non-anonymous team has been assembled.

In the position of Unity CEO, we have Norway-based Charles Ellingsen. Charles is responsible for heading up the development and implementation of Unity Network’s short and long-term strategies. He comes to us with a decade of experience in HR and management, and a wealth of knowledge of the cryptocurrency decentralized finance sectors. You may also recognize Charles as a longtime Meridian community member who has followed the project from the beginning, learning from its ups and downs — all the better to now lead Unity Network to success.

As CTO we have Norway-based Marius Bakkeli, who leads the project’s development team. He is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in all aspects of software development, from planning to operations. Marius hails from Data Gumbo, the award-winning organization behind the massively interconnected industrial smart contract network, GumboNet.

Unity Network’s Marketing Officer is Michel Caspers, who has experience with both digital and physical marketing, as well as content creation. He enjoys not only raising awareness of Unity, but also working with the project’s valued community members to make sure their voices are heard.

In the position of Communications Officer, we have Wesley Baines, based in the U.S. Wesley is a digital content strategist and freelance writer, and has been a professional copywriter in both technical and creative fields for more than a decade. He provides copywriting, content planning, and public relations guidance for the project.

Hailing from Norway, Henrikke Rasmussen is Unity Network’s lead graphic designer, coming to the project with four years of design and director-level experience.

Finally, Carlos Caldas provides project development guidance to Unity Network’s staff in an advisory capacity. Carlos has been involved with the blockchain space for over six years, guiding development for crypto-related companies. With a recently completed blockchain programme from MIT, he runs his own agency where he works closely with some of the latest blockchain projects.

The Bottom Line: Unity Network’s new public team is proud to work together to continue what Meridian’s founders began.

A Roadmap to the Future

The main roadblocks for the original Meridian team were dwindling funds, a lack of social media presence, and eventually, a lack of in-house developers. Unity Network has successfully worked to solve these issues.

PreSaga and Funding

You can breathe now — yes, Unity Network has also taken over PreSaga, the AMM prediction market platform developed by Meridian Network. We’ve been hard at work remodeling the front end to reflect Unity’s visual design and branding guidelines. As soon as the LOCK/UNT token swap is complete in 6–8 weeks, Unity will launch this long-awaited dApp.

Unity’s initial funding stems from an increase in circulating supply via the UNT token, and while an increase in supply may be met with a groan, remember this — funding means marketing, and marketing means adoption.

Unity Network will allocate these funds to heavily market PreSaga and bring in new users, and the dApp’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface and AMM-based design will keep them coming back to wager their crypto on world events of their choosing. Among prediction markets, there’s nothing that’s as easy as PreSaga.

PreSaga is now powered by UNT, and a fraction of the tokens that pass through the dApp is automatically funneled to the Unity Network business wallet, as will be the case with all Unity Network dApps. This means that more usage equals more funding to continue research and development. This, in turn, will multiply the use cases of the UNT token via more dApps.

The Bottom Line: PreSaga will launch as soon as LOCK holders have swapped their LOCK for Unity Network’s UNT token.

New Social Media Channels

Unity Network now has dedicated staff attending to its social media channels. Gone are the days of silent Twitter accounts — the new team is passionate about bringing Unity Network to the world via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Medium, and more. Check out Unity Network’s new website for details.

The Bottom Line: Unity Network’s socials are going to be active and used to effectively market the project.

Community Governance

After PreSaga’s launch, Unity Network’s next order of business lies in developing and organizing a new community governance system that takes into account not only the desires of the community, but also the guidance of Unity’s experienced team. Our in-house designers will lead the way toward a better DAO that will allow Unity’s community to vote on the project’s direction in a way that’s easy, nimble, and inexpensive.

The Bottom Line: You Vote. We Develop. You Benefit. That’s the Unity way, and we’re going to do it better via a new community governance system.

The Path Forward

Unity Network is founded on the idea that you should have power over not only your finances, but also over the tools you use to manage and grow your funds. There are no shortcuts along the path to achieving this, and the Unity team is dedicated to transparency, accountability, and communication in all we do.

Moving forward, we dedicate ourselves to a new era of community governance in which our community is more aware of what’s going on behind the scenes, as not to repeat the quietude of the past few months. We owe our community a debt of gratitude for not only choosing to invest, but for keeping the faith through the ups and downs of what has most assuredly been a strange past year.

Unity’s new staff is now available to chat in all Unity Telegram channels. Please stop by and say hello!

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