Unity Network’s native token, UNT, is listed on Uniswap V3 and Uniswap V3 Arbitrum.

Faster, Cheaper, Better: Unity Network’s UNT Token Deploys on Arbitrum

Get ready for a better trading experience; Unity Network’s UNT token is now available on Uniswap V3 (Arbitrum)!

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As DeFi adoption continues to grow, one of the biggest roadblocks to mass adoption is transaction cost and speed. As we’re all very aware of, the more active users there are on the Ethereum network, the more it costs to use your ERC-20 tokens and the longer your transactions will take.

That’s where Arbitrum comes in. Arbitrum is a Layer 2 solution, meaning that it is built on top of the Ethereum network, and it allows users to make faster, cheaper transactions with the same level of security you’re used to.

Unity Network is now taking advantage of this next stage of DeFi’s development, but there are a few steps that you, as a user, need to take before you can use your UNT tokens on the Arbitrum network.

Here’s a brief guide on how you can get in on the action.

Arbitrum One Bridge.

Step 1: Bridge Your Assets to Arbitrum

Before you can trade your assets on Arbitrum via Uniswap, you must move them to the Arbitrum network This process is called bridging, and it’s easy and safe.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Go to https://bridge.arbitrum.io/

2. Connect your Web3 wallet

3. Choose the currency you want to transfer to Layer 2 (Paste in the UNT Arbitrum address: 0x250f471385894fc81183a99d6fde8ce9c5b142d6 to add UNT)

4. Click “Deposit” and approve the transaction

5. Sign with your Web3 wallet

6. Have a cup of coffee

7. You’re done!

Your wallet may prompt you to switch over to the Arbitrum network, but if it doesn’t, here’s how you can connect manually.

  • Open your Web3 wallet
  • Click on “Networks” and select “Custom RPC”
  • Add the following information:

Network Name: Arbitrum

New RPC URL: https://arb1.arbitrum.io/rpc

ChainID: 42161

Symbol: ETH

Block Explorer URL: https://arbiscan.io/

UNT available on Uniswap V3 (Arbitrum)

Step 2: Trade on Uniswap V3 Arbitrum

Once you’ve moved your assets to the Arbitrum network, you can get trading on Uniswap. Make sure your wallet is set to “Arbitrum” rather than “Ethereum Mainnet,” and Uniswap’s interface should automatically switch to the appropriate screen. Alternatively, you can also switch to Arbitrum from within Uniswap’s interface.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get trading on Uniswap Arbitrum.

1. Go to https://uniswap.org/

2. Click “Launch App” in the top right corner

3. Change network in the drop down menu to “Arbitrum”

4. Click “Select token” and add UNT (Paste UNT Arbitrum address to add UNT)

5. Enter amount and approve

6. Sign with your Web3 wallet

7. Have one more sip of coffee

8. Congratulations! Your transaction on Uniswap V3 Arbitrum is complete.

Looking to the Future

At Unity Network, we’re focused on giving you the best user experience possible. Our objective is to make the world of DeFi usable, accessible, and easy enough for users of all levels of technical expertise.

This means that when advances like Arbitrum’s L2 scaling solution arise, we’re going to incorporate them into Unity Network to ensure our users can benefit. As the DeFi field continues to advance and new opportunities to make transactions cheaper and easier arise, we’ll take advantage of those, too.

If you find yourself stuck while trying to follow these directions, please join our Telegram chat and let us know. We’re happy to help you.



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