PreSaga: An Update

PreSaga is Unity Network’s first community-voted dApp — a simple, intuitive, AMM-based prediction market that can be used to profit from the outcomes of sports, politics, world events, and more. Upon its release, it will provide not only a useful and fun financial tool for UNT token holders, but also a source of revenue for Unity Network, as a small fee on all UNT that moves through the dApp will be funneled back to Unity’s development fund (as will be the case with all Unity dApps).

We know you’re all excited to get your hands on PreSaga and start trading on future events, so here’s an update on its testing timeline.

What’s the Hold-up?

As many of our community members know, PreSaga’s development began as part of the now-unsupported Meridian Network project. During this time, PreSaga underwent beta testing and bug fixes.

Unity’s developers have determined that the testing performed by Meridian’s team was not quite up to Unity Network’s standards and that appropriate bug fixes and community-recommended improvements were not fully completed because of Meridian’s budgetary concerns. We have decided to subject PreSaga to our own closed and open beta testing to ensure that we deliver a safe, quality product.

We’re working hard to make this process as fast and painless as possible, but this means that it will be at least a few weeks before PreSaga can be delivered. But you can help us speed things along.

How You Can Help

Testing, as always, needs to be thorough when it comes to products that handle your money. But we understand that the wait for PreSaga, especially for those who anticipated its release under Meridian, has been long.

Because of this, we’re fast-tracking the remainder of PreSaga’s development and testing. Once closed internal testing is complete, we’ll reopen PreSaga for public beta testing. The more community members that test PreSaga, the faster the dApp will go live, so be ready to jump in and place your bets once the open beta becomes available.

In the meantime, get thinking about what dApp you’d like to see developed next. It won’t be long before it’s time for Unity’s first guided community vote!




An interconnected ecosystem of easy-to-use decentralized finance applications for users across the globe.

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Unity Network

An interconnected ecosystem of easy-to-use decentralized finance applications for users across the globe.

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